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The much-anticipated Joyful Wedding Planner by Southern Weddings is a collection of the best advice and resources for a bride, written by the editors of Southern Weddings. From the First Steps After Getting Engaged” to the Anniversary Gift Guide,” this planner encourages brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings, but also gives them the tools to feel confident and equipped throughout their engagements. True to the mission of Southern Weddings, it includes a special Marriage Planning” section that will help couples begin married life in a joyful and intentional way.

Your Wedding Planner course covers the most up-to-date wedding planning fundamentals, including selecting a wedding style, creating a budget, selecting vendors, creating contracts, choosing appropriate wedding attire for the wedding party, planning the engagement party, and making important business decisions, such as financial planning and managing and marketing your business.

Expect food and beverages to be provided by these a al carte” hotels, and photographers, flowers, music and the ceremony official are the usual outside vendors. Wedding cakes are usually available through most hotel chefs, but some venues will let you cater this on your own. For most services, there may be in-house vendors available through these hotels, and though these services may cost less than an independent vendor, you may still pay a separate fee. Expect to pay separately for lighting, audio and electronics for your ceremony and reception, but as with everything else at this kind of resort, these can be customized. Be prepared for local customs and mores when negotiating with vendors in other countries and be patient. It’s their country, and we would do things according to our custom if things were the other way.

Working in a fast paced environment gives Annie the adrenaline rush needed to work under pressure while maintaining a positive and energetic attitude. Annie values working with different clients and building a personal relationship with each of them which helps her MJ Christensen design their perfect love story. After months of planning, to finally see the big day come into fruition is one of the best rewards she thinks comes from being a wedding planner. Annie lives in Irvine with her husband and her cat, Sadie and loves to dance and sing.

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